Newspaper Customer Retention

Newspaper Customer Retention and Acquisition Program

Does your newspaper want to retain more subscribers?  A customer retention program is the best way to increase subscriber retention, reduce turn-over, and grow your revenue.

Research by Harvard Business Review found that an increase in customer retention by 5%, can lead to an boost in profit by 25%-95%.  That’s a serious statistic that shouldn’t be snickered at.

More research by John Fleming and Jim Asplund found that engaged customers generate 1.7x’s more profit for businesses than normal customers, while having more engaged employees and more engaged customers returns a profit of 3.4x’s the norm.

These 2 studies show clearly that paying special attention to customer retention and keeping customers engaged, can add significant numbers to your bottom line.

To increase customer retention, you want to implement a customer retention or subscriber retention program.

GoalGetters offers a proven  customer retention program that will reduce churn, boost your customer lifetime value, boost your subscriber retention, and increase your profits.

Do You Understand Why Subscribers are Leaving?

A 2000 study found 68% of customers stop doing business with a company due to feeling like the company was indifferent towards them.

What does this mean for your newspaper?  The numbers show that just by showing your newspaper subscribers you care, you can retain 68% of subscribers that would potentially leave.

Rewards cards with $500.00 – $2000.00 worth of High-Value Premium FREE  offers not minimal discounts from advertisers you select.We can procure zoned offers for different demographics/lifestyles…

Zoned Reward Cards

Gatehouse - The Record Newspaper


Manteca, CA

Gatehouse - The Record Newspaper


Lodi, CA

Gatehouse - The Record Newspaper


Stockton, CA

Gatehouse - The Record Newspaper


Tracy, CA

McClatchy - Mailer

Miami Herald Mailer customer retention

Miami, FL

The goal was to present the subscriber savings card in an elegant mailer sent in a clear cellophane envelope. ….

McClatchy - Miami Herald

Miami Herald customer retention

Miami, FL

We produced a savings card with high end premium offers in two cards for different markets. One card in English and the other card was bilingual. With $1000.00 worth of FREE Offers tastefully packaged and mailed in a clear cellophane envelope ensuring it will be opened...

McClatchy - Spanish Edition

miami herald spanish edition card customer retention

Miami, FL

Hemos producido un ahorro Tarjeta con ofertas premium de gama alta En dos tarjetas para diferentes mercados. Una tarjeta en inglés y la otra Tarjeta era bilingüe.

Digital First - LA Daily News

DailyNews newspaper customer retention

Los Angeles, CA

The objective was to create a diversified card that would reach a large segment of their metro area. We proceeded to secure advertiser offers that appealed to higher and lower demographic in dining options, entertainment venues and also golf worth over $700.00.

Gatehouse - The Record


Stockton, CA

Our goal was to profile each titles demographics and align advertiser offers that would appeal to each segment. With this directive we proceeded to procure premium offers ranging in value from $500.00 – $800.00. These were high value everyday offers that would keep the newspapers brand used daily year-round.. The card was used to acquire subs on ez-pay and to up sell/convert weekend subscribers to seven day home delivery.

Digital First - Pasadena Star


Pasadena, CA

We were tasked with producing Three separate cards for Pasadena Star-News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. The objective was to send out a rewards card out to thank existing subscribers in advance of subscription term thereby prompting early payment and renewal. The result was a 40% increase in renewals and revenue with high value premium cards worth almost $800.00.

Digital First - Mailer

trifold_open3@2x customer retention

Southern CA Newspaper Group

Packaged and mailed in Clear, Celophane Envelope.

TRONC - Mailer

Sun Sentinel Mailer customer retention

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The newspaper wanted to present the card in an elegant mailer for the higher demographics. There D2D and kiosk personnel affixed cards within mailer when closing new starts. The mailer was also used with direct mail promotions for retention.

TRONC - Sun-Sentinel


Fort Lauderdale, FL

This program had distinctively different demographics within several counties. For the lower demographics we developed an all pizza card, conversely the higher demographics featured fine dining, casual dining, book stores, gourmet coffee shops and free golf. Both were used to acquire new subscribers via ez pay with D2D sales… The third card we did exclusively for snowbirds and featured high end golf courses namely Doral country club and fine dining establishments and was worth approximately $1000.00. The third card was used to incent visitors to subscribe upon their arrival in Florida and was solely new starts PIA.via direct mail promotion.

TRONC - Orlando Sentinel

Orlando-Sentinel customer retention rewards card

Orlando, FL

The task was to create 2 zoned cards in several counties and align advertiser offers based upon demographics. These cards were to be used by D2D, kiosk efforts and service issues. With this said we procured free offers from national and regional advertisers within each county successfully. Overall sales for each effort increased over 22% along with revenue gains. We also produced a Golf Card for Snowbirds, for the Sentinel as well. It featuring Free Rounds of Golf.

TRONC - Orlando Sentinel


Orlando, FL

The objective was to produce a golf rewards card for snowbirds. The result was a card with free rounds of golf worth over $3500 from top golf courses throughout Orlando, FL. Newspaper exceeded projections in acquisition and revenue…

Gannett - Naples Daily News

Naples-Daily-News newspaper customer retention

Naples, FL

Based upon the demographics of Naples FL, it was imperative to feature Free offers from a wide assortment of advertisers. From Golf to Sushi, along with family and casual dining.

Hearst - Houston Chronicle


Houston, TX

This metro newspaper needed one regional card to cover the entire city for their many kiosk locations and door to door sales crew throughout the entire Houston area..With that in mind we proceeded to do a demographic study in conjunction with Nielsen’s. The results were a high value rewards card with diversified advertiser with premium offers valid at over 700 locations throughout the Houston metro area. The effect of this effort was a 25% increase in PIA and new start revenue exceeding 25 million dollars.

Hearst - Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle customer retention

Houston, TX

This metro’s objective was to incent college students from five major Texas universities to subscribe to the Chronicle. We were tasked with producing five zoned rewards cards within their own geographical area to be used at registration by kiosk crews. We exceeded their projection on new starts and revenue..

Hearst - Times Union


Albany, NY

The intent was to use a high value rewards card for door to door sales and service issues. With those instructions we produced a card worth over $1000.00 in premium Free offers…

Lee - Courier


Waterloo, IA

The Rewards card was used to acquire new subs and also incentivize single copy buyers to convert to home delivery and service issues.

Advance - Press Register

Press-Register newspaper customer retention

Mobile, AL

Our task was to get Free offers for seafood, Free rounds of golf at the Robert Trent Jones golf course), Free admission to museum, Free spa & tanning , and some spectacular upscale dining…

Gatehouse - The Morning News

Morning News customer retention

Springdale, AR

We produced four zone rewards cards, convenient to use locally with high value premium Offers…

American Press

American-Press newspaper customer retention

Lake Charles, LA

The goal here was to produce a rewards card with functional everyday offers that the community would use and appreciate.. From Free year round oil changes , free bowling, free airbrush tanning sessions interspersed with free family and casual dining…

Daily Republic


Fairfield, CA

The purpose of the rewards card was a direct mail campaign and service issues. Our study disclosed the need for a card that would appeal to a mixed demographics. With that in mind we procured fine dining, golf, Multiple entertainment venues along with family and casual dining worth over $815.00.

CNHI - The Pharos Tribune

customer retention newspaper Pharos Tribune

Logansport, IN

This CNHI newspaper was undergoing a price increase. Our goal at GoalGetters Inc. was to produce an impacting rewards card that was compelling with local savings...Over $550.00 in FREE OFFERS for golf, horseback riding, salons, spas, family dining, pizza, and much more. The rewards card was going to be sent to subs in advance of their expiration. Thanking subscribers, incenting to renew, and cash flow to the paper was accomplished with this.

CNHI - The Free Press

Free Press Newspaper customer retention2

Mankato, MN

Our objective was to procure Free Rewards appealing to the entire family along with a weekly drawing with winning number posted to the newspaper web site. They also had a single copy edition…

CNHI - Kokomo Tribune

Kokomo Newspaper customer retention

Kokomo, IN

The newspaper was undergoing a significant price increase. GoalGetters was tasked with producing a high-value Rewards card to help retain its subscribers. In addition, the rewards card would be used to thank existing subscribers prior to their expiration date. This also would help cash flow as subscribers appreciative of this would promptly send payment. Finally, offering the reward card which was dramatically less than store cards for kiosk sales. They would only offer low-value store cards for smaller subscription orders.

Here's What GoalGetters Satisfied Customers Are Saying

  • Michael Newland, Circulation Director for The Waterloo Courier
    "The more I spoke to Al (founder of GoalGetters), the more I realized that he was genuinely concerned with the success of our newspaper.  I decided to give Al my business and it was one of the best moves I've ever made.  We developed a spectacular looking card.  At the same time, Al and his staff contacted the local advertisers, and before you knew it, our card was worth over $750.00.  We used the rewards card to target prepaid customers, pressure orders, and as a new start incentive."
    Michael Newland, Circulation Director for The Waterloo Courier
  • Thomas Cox, President of Newspaper Sales Associates
    "The GoalGetters rewards card is the best card program we have worked with in recent years.  My door crews have developed a strong allegiance to the program and understand the value it brings to increasing sales and revenue in a very competitive industry."
    Thomas Cox, President of Newspaper Sales Associates
  • Clyde Barrow, Circulation Sales Director for The Sun Sentinel
    "The results were simply incredible!  We have increased paid-in-advance orders from an average of 200 per week to well over 800 per week.  Revenue has increased well over $5.4 million dollars annually."
    Clyde Barrow, Circulation Sales Director for The Sun Sentinel
  • Stephen Pace, Circulation Sales Director for The Houston Chronicle
    "The results were amazing!  We have increased paid-in-advanced orders by 25% and new acquisition revenue by over $13 million dollars annually by providing rewards cards that are tailored to the demographics of our community and provide high-value premium offers to our subscribers."
    Stephen Pace, Circulation Sales Director for The Houston Chronicle

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