Are You Ready for the Dip?


It’s getting cold outside, but the temperatures are only the beginning. It gets worse when your acquisition efforts face the freeze of first quarter churn. Unfortunately, January through March are months with high churn rates. Don’t let the hard-fought budget dollars that you spent in October through December be left out in the cold.

Ready for a warm up? GoalGetters can help. With 33 years of experience and dozens of case studies , we are your loyalty and retention experts. We reward your customers with simple and inexpensive member rewards cards.

Kick-start your 2020 with a truly local rewards platform.

  • Redeem at local establishments, not corporate outposts like Starbucks.
  • Much less expensive than a $10 merchandise card.
  • Renewable and reusable up to 13 months.
  • You’re local, too, so the card is branded as yours. Your newspaper, your market, your website- not Starbucks!
  • Much more valuable to your subscribers than a “one-and-done” gift card.
  • The loyalty card can be used to drive adoption across your digital products.
  • Or reward your digital readers by hosting digital rewards directly on your website.
  • GoalGetters will fulfill for you or create a custom program just for your customers.Let us show you how to position our award-winning loyalty card to fight churn. Next year, stay warm and don’t do the dip!Happy Holidays,Al Zuffrano

P.S. Our program is so simple that we’ll even mail your cards to your subscribers and save your team valuable time.