Cable Subscriber Appreciation Cards

Cable Company Subscriber Appreciation Cards

Whether you’re a cable company or a satellite company,
In today’s competitive market,
it’s vital that your customers know that you value their business.

Let us show you easy and effective methods to build your brand and reward your customers!


Subscriber Appreciation Card

Loyal customers make up 20% of a businesses profits – don’t you want to reward them? Rewarding your customers is easy with GoalGetters, Inc.!

  • Acquire New Subscribers
  • Door-to-Door / MDU / Event Marketing
  • Triple Play Recognition
  • Win-Back Program
  • Retain / Upgrade Quality Subscribers
  • Subscriber Retention
  • MDU and Multiple Service Call Resolution
  • Door-to-Door Retention Efforts
  • Subscriber Loyalty
  • Service Upgrades
  • Show Timely Appreciation
  • Real-Time Gratification
  • Complete Fulfillment and Audit Trail of Distribution
  • Impact Your Brand – Daily / Year Round
  • Increase ARPU / Market Share
  • Reduce Marketing Costs

  • GoalGetters Inc.

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      Cable Company Customer Retention Marketing

      Customer retention is action that a business performs in order to reduce customer churn and improve customer lifetime value (CLV) produced.

      In more simpler terms, customer retention is trying to keep current customers for a longer period of time so that they spend more over their lifetime of being customers.

      Customer retention is the opposite of customer acquisition, which is when a business tries to get new customers.  Traditional advertising, SEO, email marketing, outbound sales, etc… are all examples of customer acquisition.  In the past, most businesses and services have focused on customer acquisition, and have given little to no thought to customer retention.  In recent years this has changed.

      Why Customer Retention Marketing?

      According to the findings in a Harvard Business Review Study:

      “The bottom line: increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.”

      There are many similar studies to this one, but some common factors include:

      1. It costs businesses significantly more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.
      2. Customers that are retained remain customers for longer periods of time and spend more money with businesses over the customers lifetime.
      3. Retained customers are more likely to become brand evangelists and refer other customers.  These newly acquired referral customers are cheaper to acquire, and have a higher lifetime value than customers that are acquired through traditional marketing channels.

      The Best Customer Retention Program

      GoalGetters Inc. offers the very best customer retention program.  GoalGetters offers loyalty cards that improve customer retention, build brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce marketing costs.

      Contact GoalGetters Inc. today for all of your loyalty rewards program and customer retention program needs!