Loyalty Marketing

March 22, 2017
A community based loyalty program links in with already established groups and communities within a localized area. Customers can use their membership to existing organizations for discounts on products that group is more likely to use. Other programs let customers forge new communities around the use of a product, giving your brand social connectivity implications. Vodaphone Cyprus lets users of their cellular network form communities with discounts on both member-to-member and general communication. The more members that join a set group, the deeper the discounts become. American pharmacy store brand Walgreens has a unique take on this type of program that is designed to incentivize healthy behavior. Members of their points-based Balance Reward program can receive more points just by participating in healthy activities. The program can be linked to health related fitness tracking applications like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper, which use biometric measurements acquired from wearable technology to track distances run, heart rate levels and overall calories burned. The more members get healthy, the more Balance Rewards points they earn. Community based loyalty program’s strengths lie in their ability to tether together people in a specific community with like-minded behavior while sometimes rewarding the group as a whole with spread rewards points.

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