Fundraising with a limited budget

American Red Cross Fundraising Card

Fundraising with a limited budget and resources really is a challenge within what is a most competitive market. Many large, more ‘corporate’ charities have legions of paid staff and seemingly unlimited resources to throw at advertising and marketing. Furthermore many have influential backers with high public profiles and deep pockets.

Fundraising cards

How can a small developing, often underfunded, charity hope to establish itself within such a slick market environment?

Your charitable cause is important; no doubt you will have already recruited a team of dedicated and loyal volunteers who share your goals.

Get organized!

First and foremost your charity must formulate a strategy; a strategy based upon staff and membership (customer) loyalty.

Take a look at successful profit making supermarket retailers; one thing they all have in common is an emphasis on customer loyalty; membership cards offering discounts, free newspaper and coffee plus special offers for all its members.  How can your charity take advantage of the loyalty factor?

Rewarding your membership with value packed fundraising cards will lay the foundations for a loyal team of volunteers

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to find a new one.

Yet, small charities are faced with a few dilemmas when it comes to organizing an elaborate scheme involving a customer loyalty fundraising card, or a reward card as they are often called.

The problems seem more than a little daunting:

  • The charity may not have sufficient funds
  • They may not be in a position to offer discounts or rewards
  • Their workers, usually volunteers are thin on the ground and simply could not cope with the implementation of such a scheme
  • In any event there probably won’t be sufficient expertise or experience to follow through on such a project

A fundraising card will undoubtedly contribute towards generating a loyal group of volunteers/members/customers that your charity badly needs. They also strengthen the bond between your charity and local businesses represented on the card.  So how can your cause, with limited resources and finances possibly jump on this lucrative band wagon?

Setting discount fundraising cards up yourself will most likely prove cost prohibitive, a non-starter. Alas it seems that every silver lining has a cloud!

However do not despair this cloud has its very own silver lining in the form of a wonderfully innovative initiative that is a company called GoalGetters Inc.

GoalGetters will set-up a gift/loyalty fundraising card program for your charitable organisation!

Example of a Fundraising Card for Minnies Food Pantry

Goal Getters is an established business with an outstanding portfolio; very approachable, helpful and most professional.

But what exactly does Goal Getters actually offer?

It’s simple and most effective: here’s how it works:

  1. Goal Getters will approach businesses within the area and ask them to support your worthwhile charity by offering a discount or other incentive to holders of your discount fundraising card. The supporting business pays nothing with a fair chance of increasing their own revenue! A no brainer.
  2. Goal Getters will produce the cards, at a most reasonable cost. Each card will have the space on the back to accommodate nine businesses and their offers. The cards are thoughtfully designed and very impressive.
  3. Your charity then takes control. Volunteers are encouraged to sell the cards to your ‘customers’. It really is an attractive, tempting bait; especially when the discounts are totaled, usually amounting to hundreds of (dollars). The card sale price is something best discussed with Goal Getters, but rest assured it will be affordable and most profitable.
  4. Each fundraising card will have four gold rectangles for each business represented, every time the card is used one gold rectangle is scratched off, simple.
  5. Goal Getters are more than just suppliers, they offer great back-up and informed advice.

Time to up the ante, take your charity to the next level!

Contact Goal Getters now! It’ll cost you nothing, so just go for it. Nothing to lose everything to gain.

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