Is your customer focus 2020?

Chances are, your 2020 revenue from advertising is close to, or less than, your reader revenue. Growing your business across reader revenue is a strategic way to stabilize and grow your overall publishing revenue. Focus on your subscribers’ needs, wants, and desires. In the new subscription economy, you will drive a predictable, renewable revenue stream, providing more certainty for your business and your community.

Today, publishers are now investing as much as 70% of their marketing resources into retention. There is a lot of science around keeping customers happy, engaged, and experiencing a sense of belonging. It starts with the first 100 days. Getting a clear view of your newest customers’ experiences during the first three months determines or even predicts their loyalty with your news media brand.

Make new customer onboarding your 2020 focus. Have fun with it. But most of all, it is the sincerity of your efforts that drive engagement and retention. Once a new customer decides to subscribe to your brand online or in print, there are two very essential messages you must send very quickly.

  • Your time is valuable. You must begin delivery of your new subscriber’s print service within 48 hours. After all the advantages and benefits were extolled on your new customer, they’re now looking forward to your product and are excited. Don’t make them wait, time is money
  • Your attention is valuable. Two words- MEDIA FRAGMENTATION. They chose you. You now have a portion of their personal budget, gray matter, and media attention. Need we even mention the pervasiveness of Netflix, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others? You must thank your new customer in the most genuine form- a thank you note.

Our program includes a personal thank you card plus your local market’s reader reward card inside. It’s simple since we do all the fulfillment and mailing. It is low effort, low cost, and high return. There is no single time more important to drive lifetime value than your customers’ first 100 days. Is there life after low-cost introductory trials and the incredible churn rates after the trial ends? Now is the time to create: onboard, engage, and excite new customers- both print and digital.

At GoalGetters, we specialize in thanking your new customers. Simply send us a weekly file of your new subscription starts- both print and digital only. We will mail directly to your subscribers as part of your onboarding strategy.

Many news media marketers have found that driving retention begins from day one. Use your onboarding material like a reward or bonus. When you place an offer in your thank you material to activate their digital account, reward them with Goal Getters low-cost reader reward cards. You’ll drive digital adoption of your products along with total customer satisfaction.

If you only do one thing differently this year, thank your new customers right away. Thank them the GoalGetters way!

Contact Us at GoalGetters to learn how profitable investing in new customer retention can be.