It’s Show Season!

Are you attending the 360 Media Conference in St. Louis on April 14-15? I’m available to meet with you if you would like to talk about your Subscriber challenges and hear about some of our solutions.

Since 1986 we’ve enabled newspapers around the country, from Florida to California, to generate new subscribers, retain the ones they have, and boost their revenues in the process. We’ve been successfully partnering with Front Door promotions and impacting door-to-door sales throughout the Midwest. I’m certain we can do this for your paper.

Our loyalty Rewards will reduce churn and increase The Lifetime Value of New and Existing Subscribers. We accomplish this by securing high-value rewards that are used all year long by a subscriber’s entire family. If we create a program for your newspaper, your subscribers’ rewards might include:

  • Free Fine Dining and Family/Casual Dining experiences
  • Free Salon or Spa treatment
  • Free theater tickets
  • Free automotive services (e.g., a car wash or oil change)
  • Free rounds of golf
  • Free tickets to professional sports venues
  • Plus, steep discounts on groceries and hardware

This is part of the reason our Reward Cards are so well received by the community. We make certain the Rewards are designed to appeal to your audience. Each Reward Card is custom designed and developed with the look and feel of an American Express card, ensuring your newspaper will be seen and thought of favorably, every day, all year long.

If you’re interested in meeting in St. Louis, please send me an email or call me to set up a time to talk – for 15 minutes or an hour or whatever works with your schedule. We’ve got a Show Special for all newspapers that I will share with you. And if you won’t be at the show, please contact me after April 14 to ask about it; I would be happy to extend it to you at that time.

I’ll also be attending Transformation 2018, April 22-24 in Folly Beach, SC, the conference hosted by MACMA and SCMA, and the Great Western Audience Development Summit, June 20-22, in Las Vegas. If you’ll be at one of these shows, let me know if you’d like to connect in person. I welcome the opportunity to help your newspaper grow.