Nothing is More Attractive- and Profitable- than Loyalty

Calculating ROI on loyalty marketing can be challenging. It is tough to put a dollar amount on the value your customers place on your product. A lot of factors determine your success or failure with building a great loyalty program. Strong programs have a 2.5X average return on investment. Since loyal customers spend more (3-5X more), spending time building your loyalty program will boost your profits by as much as 25%. Loyal subscribers- those who have renewed in the past- are 9 times more likely to subscribe again in the future. (2012, Adobe Digital Index Report)

So what’s the problem with most loyalty programs? Meet Jan- she’s a busy professional. She spends her days juggling email, text messages and deadlines. She’s always on the run.

Her young kids are in school and she volunteers at her local women’s club and her church. In short, Jan is busy. So busy, in fact, that she has forgotten about the store gift card she received for loyalty. She received a $10 gift card for signing up for a promotion. In fact, the last five times she’s gone to the market, the gift card stayed in her purse. She had every intention of using the card. Why is it so difficult for Jan to remember that she has the store gift card? It’s because a store gift card lacks uniqueness and relevance to her life. It doesn’t carry unforgettable, local branding.

If your loyalty program is a turn-off or just plain too difficult, your best customers will become frustrated. Don’t take a chance on poor loyalty marketing. Why would you invest in a loyalty program that doesn’t reinforce your brand or help build loyalty? GoalGetters products have ten key advantages for your business over generic store gift cards.

  1. The GoalGetters loyalty card is custom crafted to reflect your company logo and locale. The artwork can be personalized to reflect the demographic being targeted, the products/services being featured or the flair of the region you serve.
  2. Our card is ‘evergreen’- valid for 13 months after activation. In addition, it is reusable and renewable, offering more flexibility and value to the customer.
  3. Offers from GoalGetters can be used up to 36 times. No “one and done” gift card dissatisfaction!
  4. Local is what newspapers stand for. The newspaper selects the local businesses that would most appeal to their subscriber base. This in turn rewards your valued business partners who participate. They actually look forward to subscribers redeeming their offers.
  5. No points! Hurray!
  6. Simple fulfillment- GoalGetters manages your program or helps you do it yourself.
  7. Loyalty programs burn out. With GoalGetters, your customers benefit from a renewable redemption program.
  8. Loyal customers make referrals and recommend the newspaper to their friends. You want them talking about your loyalty program!
  9. The GoalGetters card is AT LEAST 70% less expensive than standard gift cards. Better branding, better offers, less cost! GoalGetters is an experienced partner to the newspaper industry.
  10. As a customer-centric campaign which features local vendors that appeal to the demographics of your target market, our card allows you to check in with both your subscribers as well as your featured merchants to monitor the popularity of the offers, while encouraging engagement with the process. A win for everyone!

It’s all about the value. There sure are a lot of Jans out there. Help Jan simplify her life. She loves your brand after all. Connect with her by using a simple reward that reinforces your brand and adds value to her life. Since 1986, GoalGetter’s purpose has been to help you grow the loyalty of your customers while building your brand. Let’s talk put our experience in rewarding loyalty to work in your organization today.

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