Tips on Employee Appreciation

employee appreciation ideas

Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

employee appreciation ideas

Employee appreciation doesn’t have to happen just once a year. Recognizing your employees is a great way to build morale and even increase productivity. In general, almost two thirds of employees work harder when they feel that thy are valued. Over half would quit working for their company if they don’t feel appreciated. Do you want a thriving workforce? Consider these creative ways to incorporate employee appreciation into your business.

Good Ole Money

Everyone loves to receive a gift card to a popular restaurant, coffee shop, or online retailer. These can be purchased with simplicity and given with ease. Unscratched lottery tickets are another idea for employee appreciation. If you’re concerned about them winning big, you might want to steer clear and opt for movie tickets from a local theater. You can also create a reward system that enables employees to gain various incentives for hitting certain goals. A sales goal achieved, for example, might win a showing at the latest blockbuster. One last money related employee appreciation idea is a gift card for a car cleaning. These types of gifts are good for individual employees that have done a great job. Promote these rewards among all employees and enjoy the boost in morale.


Another category of employee appreciation is opportunities. Employees will increase their work ethic when there’s hope of greater opportunities ahead. For example, you can send them on a business retreat that includes some local perks. This can take the form of more training, conferences, or showcases. Paying for the tuition of continued education is another opportunity related reward. When employees are given an opportunity to get away or advance their careers within the  company, they feel appreciated. Employee appreciation opportunities like these will do wonders for your company.

Office Fun

Creating a fun and exciting atmosphere at  your  business can go far when it comes to employee appreciation. For example, allow a “Bring Your Kids to Work” day. Send out personalized thank you cards, or highlight certain employees in your organization’s newsletter. One last idea for employee appreciation is to allow extra time for lunch and breaks. By incorporating these ideas into your employee appreciation you not only bring some life to your business, but you will also increase productivity. For information on using rewards cards for employee appreciation, contact GoalGetters Inc. today!


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