Tips on Fundraising Strategies

tips on fundraising strategies

Fundraising Strategies for Your Mission

tips on fundraising strategies

Every great mission needs the right organization, people, and funds to be successful. Although the cause behind the mission is noble, it doesn’t mean that its simply a matter of getting the word out for the money to start rolling in. A strategy is needed. There are a number of good fundraising strategies out there. As a business that has been helping non-profits for many years with fundraising strategies powered by rewards cards, enjoy some of the following tips.

Be Realistic

There are many non-profit organizations out there that are working towards acquiring the funds you are. Therefore, you will have competition. This is one reason why developing fundraising strategies is so important. Also, fundraising takes a lot of time. A good fundraising strategy will include long-term goals that last years. Another expectation for your fundraising strategies relates to motivation. It is common for people to be driven at the outset of fundraising. However, a year or two into the project, after challenges come, motivations tend to wane. Having accurate expectations like these will help you put in for the long haul with your fundraising strategy.

Change the World

When you develop your proposition, or “pitch,” for potential donors, describe in a sentence how you will change the world. They don’t want to hear about small changes you hope to implement throughout the year. How is the work you are doing changing the world for the better? Go for inspiration! This part of fundraising strategies is one of the most important as it sets the tone for all steps that follow.


In any of the fundraising strategies out there, internal rate of return is a significant component. This is a financial measure that shows how the funds contributed by the donor is helping the non-profit to become self-sustaining. The donor may be happy to contribute for a time, but not indefinitely. Show them how their offering is helping the organization get on its feet, so to speak. Whichever fundraising strategy you utilize, include this aspect.

Team Work and Fundraising Strategies

Take some time to analyze the various strengths of the people on your team. Then match them up with roles where they can use those strengths. In general, you’ll encounter the following roles when it comes to fundraising strategies:

  • Initiators – people that initiate relationships and interact often
  • Connectors – people that connect others to form partnerships
  • Inquirers – people that can discern the way and timing to ask for donations
  • Managers – people that maintain positive relationships with donors

If developing and maintaining fundraising strategies on an ongoing basis is a goal for your mission, it might be a good idea to add a fundraising consultant to your team. This will enable you to innovate your strategies over time. For more information on fundraising strategies contact GoalGetters Inc. today!