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A message from GoalGetters founder & president:

When I started GoalGetters in 1986 I wanted to market a convenient way to enjoy life’s pleasures economically: dining with family and friends, playing a round of golf, a night out with your wife or girlfriend, or just enjoying a pizza together. I realized that many folks are on fixed incomes and hoped that our gift card would bring them some joy.

With that said I realized the newspaper industry was the right vehicle to convey this mission.

The methodology we use is simple. The GoalGetters advantages are clarity, value and convenience.

Our objective is to help offset the economic fallout across our communities. Our 13-month, year-round Gift Card is the perfect incentive for retention.

Please take care of yourself and loved ones. I know we’ll get through this, together.


Al Zuffrano
President & Founder
GoalGetters, Inc.

GoalGetters, Community
Al the founder of GoalGetters, Inc. is a Hospice Volunteer working exclusively with veterans during their End of Life transition, needing to release their years of pent up depression. He also offers his time at local food pantries and assists with some missions.

Al Zuffrano


Meet The GoalGetters Team

Brian Jones

Advertising Representative

Brian has worked as a sales and marketing leader for years. He has created innovative sales and marketing campaigns for many corporations, startups and small business owners alike. His experience is in both business-to-business and consumer promotions.
For over 10 years, Karen has worked as a marketing and business development professional. She has managed new business plans and activities on the agency side, including inbound and outbound prospecting. She has also spearheaded corporate sales initiatives at the business-to-business level.

Karen Burmeister

Manager of Business Development

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GoalGetters has over 25 years of experience helping small to medium sized companies grow their brand, increase revenue, and build loyal relationships.

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