Fundraising Cards

Fundraising And Loyalty Rewards Program

Fundraising incentives are a dime a dozen.  Donors and supporters want an incentive that they can really use and businesses want to cooperate with fundraisers that will give them proper recognition.

So the questions is, what are the available incentives for fundraisers to offer real value, and for business to get seen in their local market?

The answer, fundraising cards.

The simplest way for a business to grow their customers is to not lose them by offering a loyalty program.  The easiest way for a fundraiser to grow is to offer a donor incentive that gives back.  That’s where fundraising cards come in.

Customer retention

Imagine 2 businesses, one that retains 90% of it’s customers, and the other retaining only 80%.  If both businesses add new customers at the rate of 20% per year, the first business will have a 10% net growth in customers per year, while the other will not grow.  Over a 7 year period, the first business will almost double, while the second business will have no real growth.  If everything else is equal, that 10% customer retention will result in a doubling of customers every 7 years without any additional marketing efforts.

So it’s important for a business to think long term about their customer retention marketing.

Fundraising incentive cards

Fundraising is a pillar of the not-for-profit world. All the stress and hard work that goes into a fundraising campaign or event is worth it you can get a high ROI.

Using fundraiser incentives ensures your fundraising efforts reach your goals.

Effective fundraising donor incentives provoke more people to begin donating and to give larger contributions than they normally would, and encourage donors to engage long-term with your fundraiser.

GoalGetters Inc.

GoalGetters Inc. specializes in not only in loyalty rewards programs, but in fundraising incentive cards that work.  If your fundraiser is looking for a win win with it’s local businesses, look no further.  GoalGetters can help you every step of the way with your fundraising efforts.


St Joan of Arc fundraising cards

St. Joan of Arc School Lisle IL- Rewards Card

This was the annual fundraiser to kick off the new year. Our objective was to secure high value offers from a wide range of local businesses in Lisle, IL that could be used and enjoyed by the entire family. With that in mind we featured family & casual dining, fine dining, fast food, golf, ice arena, salons/spas, & automotive offers worth over $700. St. Joan of Arc sold the cards for $20.00 each.
boy scouts fundraising cards

Boy Scouts of America

With this fundraising card, we were tasked with getting family offers from local businesses. We were able to produce a card with over $535 worth of Free offers. The Boy Scouts netted in excess of $12,000.
University fundraising cards

University of Illinois Varsity Mens Glee Club

This fundraisier generated over $12,000 annually and afforded this group the monies needed to travel and perform throughout the Midwest.
School of Dance fundraising card

Kims School of Dance

This school fundraising card helped raise over $19,000 in two months and afforded parents a significant reduction in tuition…..
District 106 fundraising card

District 106

Our purpose was to produce a high value rewards card for this active foundation. With that task we were able to produce a card that exceeded $700.00 in Free offers.
Faith Works fundraising card

Faith Works

Oklahoma City, OK We were entrusted to create a rewards card that graphically exemplified the organizations goals while raising needed funds to proceed with job training.

How It Works

  • "With GoalGetters, our high-value Rewards, Fundraising Cards include FREE OFFERS worth $700.00 from local, neighborhood businesses. Contributors are finally EXCITED about a product we're selling!"
    Harlen Hildebrandt, President
  • "Our fundraising card has greatly assisted our efforts to support our 15 local charities throughout Texas. We easily sold around 1,000 cards at $10 each to achieve a 70% return!"
    Terry Gorham, CEO
  • "The Rewards Cards were a great success for our organization. Not only were we able to customize the card for our local communities, but we were able to offer our contributors a high-value premium product. The card was an easy sell and we'll definitely be using it again for our future fundraising efforts!"
    Mike Casey, Executive Director
  • "We've used the Rewards Cards for over 13 years and they've been a great success. Our parents appreciate selling a fundraising product that is easy to promote in the community with its everyday rewards — not to mention getting their contribution back over 30-50 times the investment!"
    Scott Mussalomi, President
  • "The High School Band was able to effortlessly raise $25,000 for our annual bowl performance. The over-sized sales posters made it extremely easy to sell the fundraising cards at all of our school events
    Milt Vasich, Director

GoalGetters Inc.

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