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Customer, Employee, & Community Appreciation

Reward, motivate, and thank your employees with employee recognition gifts from GoalGetters Inc.! Our unique appreciation gifts offer a simple way to say “thank you” for a job well done and remind employees that their hard work and loyalty has made a difference for your company.

Employee loyalty rewards program

GoalGetters unique rewards cards are the perfect gift for your employees.  Rewards cards are a gift that can save your employees hundreds of dollars a year while shopping at local businesses that they already frequent.  Give the employee appreciation gift that keeps on giving.


Employees appreciate gifts that are well thought out.  They like getting something that is going to be of real value for them.  The goal of companies should be to increase employee motivation by showing that they care.  The most popular way to do this is to reward employees with a gift to show your appreciation.  Rewards cards do just that.  They give your employees a real value that they truly appreciate while growing your local network with local businesses.  It’s a win win.

Thank your employees

A well thought out gift like a rewards card will be well received by your employees.  People will be thrilled to be acknowledged for their hard work and will feel respected for the work that they do.  This could help with employee moral, and in a tough economy, can help to retain staff.

  • "Selling the Rewards Cards in and around Forest Park has not only helped drive customers into our local businesses, but it has also supported our community charities with their fundraising efforts." We also used the card to show our appreciation our village employees.
    Anthony Calderone, President

GoalGetters Inc.

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