Keep Customers Happy

Building lasting relationships is about keeping customers happy.

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time reading, listening, and attending conferences to learn the latest tricks to improve subscriber loyalty. For every complicated business model, there seems to be another that boasts doing it better than the last. It should be simple, right?

Two fundamental components that build the happy customer experience are 1) personalization and 2) service and fulfillment. According to research completed by Genesys, 78% of consumers relayed that their experience is widely influenced by ‘Competent Service and Fulfillment.’ Another deliverable responsible for customer experience is ‘Personalization,’ which was rated by 38% of respondents as an important and additional key driver of customer happiness.

Efforts that build relationships work best.

Newsday in 2016 published findings of their work in the retention and loyalty space. It boiled down to what we suspected. After testing a few different scenarios, a simple thank you card provided better retention value than higher-cost efforts, the study concluded. Subscribers retained longer when surprised with a thank you card vs. the control group who received no retention treatment. They were surprised. Due to stronger retention, evidently delighted, too.

When you fulfill a ‘surprise and delight‘ tactic in the Welcome Onboard experience and/or High Churn-Risk experience, it’s your time to shine. You show customers how much you care and that they are very important. You do this when you personalize that experience as much as possible. As local newspapers go, look to GoalGetters for help in marketing your brand to existing subscribers. Do it now before they churn.

The Peoria Journal-Star built a program to thrill customers. Norb Gray, director of consumer marketing in 2017, created a program to give back to his subscribers. Using his customer lifetime value data and the GoalGetters loyalty card, he was able to improve relationships with his subscribers. He added, “After years and years of aggressive rate increases, we were concerned that subscribers felt like we were not giving back,” said Gray. “The rewards card was an inexpensive way to provide value back to our key customers. Saying, ’thank you,’ goes a long way.”

GoalGetters recommends combining the greeting card, along with a low-cost loyalty rewards card.

The Newsday study measured the impact of a $10 merchandise gift card. The thank you card outperformed the control group when a $10 premium merchandise card was used or alternatively, an option for a free gift. Thrill your customers with a thank you card and a tangible rewards card that they can use again and again. Best of all, it’s branded as your newspaper’s gift card. Not a national retailer with its headquarters in Arkansas.

Advantages of the GoalGetters ‘surprise and delight’ loyalty card

  • Redeem at local establishments, not corporate outposts like Starbucks or Subway.
  • Much less expensive than a $10 merchandise card.
  • Renewable and reusable- up to 13 months.
  • You’re local, too! Your card is branded as yours. Your brand, your market, your website- not Starbucks!
  • Much more valuable to your subscribers than a “one-and-done” gift card.
  • The loyalty card can be used to drive adoption across your digital products.
  • Accomplish all this without discounting your price!
  • GoalGetters will fulfill for you or let us design a custom program just for you.

The simple approach in life is sometimes best.

It is as simple as building great, lasting relationships with your subscribers. GoalGetters’ programs drives you and your customers’ satisfaction with ‘surprise and delight‘ loyalty across the life of your subscription cycle.

Since 1986, GoalGetter’s purpose has been to help you grow the loyalty of your customers while building your brand. Let’s talk put our experience in rewarding loyalty to work in your organization today.

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