A Customer Retention Program That Works

Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX

Did you know that it costs a business more to acquire a new customer than it costs to sell to an existing customer?  It costs about 5 to 10 times more.  In addition to this, current customers spend about 67 percent more than a new customer does.

With statistics like these, businesses should really consider what they are doing to keep their current customers coming back.

What can GoalGetters do for you?

  • Newspapers: GoalGetters will help you Acquire & Retain Subscribers while generating Revenue.
  • Not a Newspaper? We also help Energy, Cable Companies, and other subscriber-based businesses – plus, Fundraisers and Employee Appreciation.

The question is, how do you keep your newspaper, fundraiser, or business out of that segment of inactive memberships? How can you convey a greater value to your customers, to keep them coming back? Offer a memorable and appealing customer loyalty card. When customers are captivated by their experience with the companies on your customer retention card, they come back for seconds; they purchase in larger quantities, deepen their engagement, and act as loyal brand evangelists.

It’s time for your marketing to look beyond confusing rewards systems and offer real value for customers using your loyalty and rewards programs.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Mike McClure, Director, Circulation The Gazette
    "The Rewards cards have been going over well. The crewing team is using them are selling quite a few door to door subscriptions. We have been using the rewards cards for over three years and couldn’t be more pleased with the success. The associated cost is minimal, the results wonderful! Appreciate all you do GoalGetters"
    Mike McClure, Director, Circulation The Gazette
  • Charlotte Whitaker, Director, Audience Development, CNHI
    "It is my pleasure to recommend GoalGetters Subscriber Appreciation Rewards Card. We experienced a significant price increase with our five (5) Texas newspapers and needed something to quickly offset losing valued subscribers. Al and his team rushed in and secured individual Free offers for all five newspapers within five weeks and delivered Rewards cards completed along with Kiosk Posters and Door to Door sales posters. The cost was minimal, the service outstanding. Thanks GoalGetters"
    Charlotte Whitaker, Director, Audience Development, CNHI
  • Michael Newland, Circulation Director for The Telegraph Herald
    "The more I spoke to Al (founder of GoalGetters), the more I realized that he was genuinely concerned with the success of our newspaper.  I decided to give Al my business and it was one of the best moves I've ever made.  We developed a spectacular looking card.  At the same time, Al and his staff contacted the local advertisers, and before you knew it, our card was worth over $750.00.  We used the rewards card to target prepaid customers, pressure orders, and as a new start incentive."
    Michael Newland, Circulation Director for The Telegraph Herald
  • Thomas Cox, President of Newspaper Sales Associates
    "The GoalGetters rewards card is the best card program we have worked with in recent years.  My door crews have developed a strong allegiance to the program and understand the value it brings to increasing sales and revenue in a very competitive industry."
    Thomas Cox, President of Newspaper Sales Associates
  • Clyde Barrow, Circulation Sales Director for The Sun Sentinel
    "The results were simply incredible!  We have increased paid-in-advance orders from an average of 200 per week to well over 800 per week.  Revenue has increased well over $5.4 million dollars annually."
    Clyde Barrow, Circulation Sales Director for The Sun Sentinel
  • Stephen Pace, Circulation Sales Director for The Houston Chronicle
    "The results were amazing!  We have increased paid-in-advanced orders by 25% and new acquisition revenue by over $13 million dollars annually by providing rewards cards that are tailored to the demographics of our community and provide high-value premium offers to our subscribers."
    Stephen Pace, Circulation Sales Director for The Houston Chronicle
  • "With GoalGetters, our high-value Rewards, Fundraising Cards include FREE OFFERS worth $700.00 from local, neighborhood businesses. Contributors are finally EXCITED about a product we're selling!"
    Harlen Hildebrandt, President
  • "Our fundraising card has greatly assisted our efforts to support our 15 local charities throughout Texas. We easily sold around 1,000 cards at $10 each to achieve a 70% return!"
    Terry Gorham, CEO
  • "The Rewards Cards were a great success for our organization. Not only were we able to customize the card for our local communities, but we were able to offer our contributors a high-value premium product. The card was an easy sell and we'll definitely be using it again for our future fundraising efforts!"
    Mike Casey, Executive Director
  • "Selling the Rewards Cards in and around Forest Park has not only helped drive customers into our local businesses, but it has also supported our community charities with their fundraising efforts." We also used the card to show our appreciation our village employees.
    Anthony Calderone, President
  • "We've used the Rewards Cards for over 13 years and they've been a great success. Our parents appreciate selling a fundraising product that is easy to promote in the community with its everyday rewards — not to mention getting their contribution back over 30-50 times the investment!"
    Scott Mussalomi, President
  • "The High School Band was able to effortlessly raise $25,000 for our annual bowl performance. The over-sized sales posters made it extremely easy to sell the fundraising cards at all of our school events
    Milt Vasich, Director